In the US, our team includes:


         Ashish Goyal, MD, Founder and Executive Director, AVSAR. Although he is working full-time in his residency program in Chicago, IL. Dr. Goyal is actively involved in the program. His most recent site visit to India in February 2005, helped AVSAR solidify programming in both countries. Ashish has a BS in Biology from the University of Michigan, and an MD from the Medical College of Georgia. He is currently in a combined residency program, which concentrates the six-year training period of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics into four years. He will be double-boarded as an internist and a pediatrician. He was born in Atlanta but was sent to live with his extended family in India at the age of 5 for three years. He has a long history of working with underprivileged populations and has an extensive list of community service activities.

         Anand Dholakia, MBA, Boston, MA. A former volunteer with the AVSAR program in the summer of 2004, Anand assists with networking, grant writing, and publicity.

         Sravisht Iyer, Pre-Medical Student, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC- Sravisht has volunteered in logo design and web management. As alumni of AVSAR from January 2005, Sravisht also works for AVSAR in a volunteer capacity.


Our staff members on the India team consist of:


         Meenakshi Verma, MPH, Program Director- Meenakshi has been head of the Mumbai team since July 2004. With a diverse range of public health and management experience, Meenakshi manages all day-to-day operations of AVSAR programming in India. She has re-located from Boston and is committed to improving the healthcare of the underserved in India through community development and empowerment.

         Vikram Joshi, MCE (Master of Computer Engineering) is a local Mumbai part-time staff member who assists in the orientation of the volunteers.

         Amit Jain, Chartered Accountant- Amit Jain is a top CA in Mumbai working with a reputable firm. He has assisted AVSAR with 80-G registration, FCRA clearance, and makes sure AVSAR is in compliance with all legalities in India. Amit is a volunteer for AVSAR.


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