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Application Schedule 2005-2006


All medical students

MPH students/graduates

Business students/graduates

Undergraduate students

Software engineers

Web designers






Last Updated November 26, 2005

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December 2005


Nov 30

Dec 28

                 January 2006


Jan 2

Jan 27

February 2006


Jan 30

February 24

                    March 2006

OPEN- Applications Pending

March 6

March 31

                       April 2006

OPEN-Applications Pending

           April 3

April 28

May 2006


May 1

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                        June 2006


June 5

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July 2006


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                    August 2006


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November  2006


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OPEN:                        Still accepting applications on a rolling-admissions basis.


SOFT-CLOSE:         We anticipate filling the number of available positions with the applications which are pending completion plus the completed applications which are pending approval. Since applications are approved on a “rolling admissions” basis, however, phone interviews are only guaranteed for the applicants who have already submitted their complete application and deposit. For applicants who have yet to complete their application, a phone interview will only be granted if the available positions have yet to fill. Once the positions are filled and the status is changed to “CLOSED,” no more applications will be accepted and no phone interviews will be granted.


CLOSED:                  The number of available positions has been filled. No more applications are being accepted.




Please note that applicants are given priority for phone interviews based on the date of completion of steps 1-5.


Step 1 – Click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar) to download the AVSAR application:



Step 2 - Create an email to join the AVSAR Yahoo Group which corresponds to the month for which you are interested in applying (send after completing Step 5). The format is AVSAR-Applicant-Subscribe@YahooGroups.com (see example below). This will add your email address to a general pool of interested applicants for AVSAR.


Step 3 – In the “CC section of the same email, fill in the following email address: info@goyalmd.com (see example below).


Step 4 – In the same email message, fill in the subject heading in the following format: I would like to volunteer starting in MONTH of YEAR (see example below).


Step 5 – Fill in the following information in the message section of the same email:

A.    What is your educational/professional background?

B.     What type of volunteer experience you are interested in (medical student, public health, business management, undergraduate, web development, graphic design, etc.)?

C.     What month would you like to begin, and for how many months would you like to apply for (please see start and end dates on our website)?

D.    As a selected participant of this rotation you will be asked to make a presentation (poster presentation or oral presentation) regarding your experience (at a the next AAPI National Conference, AMSA National Conference, IFMSA-USA National Conference, at a nearby medical school, school of public health, college, high school, etc.). Will you be able to make such a presentation?

E.     How did you find out about AVSAR and this opportunity (please be specific)?

F.      Were you able to successfully download and open the application?

G.    By what date will you submit your application (mm/dd/yy)?


TO: info@goyalmd.com

CC: AVSAR-Applicant-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Subject: I would like to volunteer starting in January of 2005


A.             I am third-year undergraduate student at the University of Michigan majoring in Biology.

B.             I am taking a semester off and would like to volunteer for an undergraduate volunteer experience.

C.             I would like to begin in January of 2005 and will be applying for four months.

D.            I would be happy to make a presentation at a local school or at a national conference about my experience.

E.             I heard about AVSAR through my school’s Asian-American Students’ Association

F.              I have successfully downloaded and opened the application.

G.            I will submit my application within two weeks.




*Applications are being accepted on a “ROLLING ADMISSIONS” basis, which means your phone interview may be scheduled in as little as 3 days after you submit your application. This also means, however, that positions may fill quickly.

Please direct all questions to info@goyalmd.com .


To learn more about future AVSAR opportunities, or to receive actual journal entries from AVSAR’s current volunteers, join the AVSAR group listserv by sending a blank email to: AVSAR-SUBSCRIBE@YAHOOGROUPS.COM


*Please note that all information contained within this page and this website is tentative and subject to change.