Short-term Volunteer Opportunities


Short-term refers to a time commitment ranging from three days to one month.


Here are just a few of the MANY short-term volunteer opportunities available to you through AVSAR:


-         Help us by becoming the Founder of the AVSAR Education Volunteer Program. We believe in letting experts design our programs, so if you are knowledgeable about the curriculum of students who are studying to become educators, or the general needs of an educator, come and help us design the next AVSAR program.


-         Help with the medical student rotation program as part of the supporting staff or as orientation discussion leaders.


-         Volunteer in one of our partner organizations such as Apnalaya, or the Niramaya Health Foundation ( Reach Out clinics (in which they treat child laborers who live and work in sweatshops).


-         Volunteer at a different site every day as you participate in Niramaya’s Balwadi Health Camps for preschool children living in the slums of Mumbai (including the Dharavi slum, known to be the largest in the world).


-         Volunteer to expand the AVSAR initiative to organizations throughout the Mumbai area. This could even be done while visiting relatives. You can help initiate dialogue with passionate nonprofit organizations, physicians, and health clinics who are interested in partnering with us.


-         Volunteer as a teacher’s aid through one of Pratham’s numerous schools located throughout India (learn more at


-         The list goes on and on…


Everyone wants to “help” and everyone can help. But, the people who usually do help are the ones that are passionate…


passionate about helping children,

passionate about fighting disease,

passionate about promoting prosperity, 

passionate about creating opportunities,

passionate about supporting the passions of others…

passionate about something.


So if you really want to get involved, find out what your passion is first… the rest will fall into place.


Ashish Goyal, MD
Program Director, AVSAR

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