IMMEDIATE Job Opening for the Position of AVSAR Program Director


(As of February 10, 2004, this position has still not been filled by a qualified applicant.)


Onsite training:

Provided in Mumbai (Bombay) by Dr. Ashish Goyal, Founder of AVSAR


A brief history on the organization:

AVSAR, a not-for-profit program, strives to create partnerships which utilize the worldwide resources of a "Global India" to promote positive change and reform in "Domestic India." AVSAR was started in July of 2003 by a 27-year old Indian-American physician seeking to increase the momentum of healthcare reform in the slums of Mumbai (Bombay). Clinics were reformed, a new model clinic was created to serve more than 1,500 child-laborers, and an effort to recruit 1 Non-Resident Indian (NRI) student-doctor per month transformed into a mission to bring more than 60 healthcare professionals to India by the end of 2004.

With a growing international audience, and its first group of passionate physician-volunteers and Public Health graduates already selected, AVSAR hopes to continue building upon its successes and reach its stated goal recruiting 500 volunteers on a yearly basis by July, 2008. The recruitment process is selective, but we work with organizations that inspire our volunteers. In return, our volunteers provide their time and professional skills during an experience of SERVICE in a field that THEY feel passionate about. Healthcare is just the beginning, and we will soon move into the fields of education, law, policy, fine arts, etc.






The AVSAR Program Director (PD) is responsible for the management and coordination of current programs, as well as for leading the effort to develop new and innovative volunteer opportunities in different fields which are need of reform within India. The PD works closely with the leadership of partner nonprofit organizations to design an effective curriculum which is mutually beneficial to the volunteer and the organization. The PD is also responsible for taking an active role in reviewing applications, screening volunteers, conducting phone (or in-person) interviews, organizing thorough orientation sessions for each new class of AVSAR participants, and maintaining a qualified group of in-country staff. The PD is the first point of contact for the staff in day-to-day project management, and coordinates all communication with interested parties.


Preferred characteristics and qualifications:

       Person of Indian heritage, but currently living outside of India (or has lived outside of India)

       Ability to live in Mumbai for 11 out of 12 months of the year

       MD, Master's degree in Public Health, experience in management or international development is a plus

       Demonstrated managerial and supervisory skills

       Overseas project management experience is a plus

       Ability to work independently

       Experienced in writing and submitting grant proposals preferred

       Demonstrated good judgment for decision making

       Strong interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability in consensus building and team leadership

       Fluency in English with moderate proficiency in speaking Hindi and/or Marathi

       Strong organizational, contact management and computer skills

       Preferred start date: IMMEDIATELY


Please note that while the qualifications mentioned above are preferred, the requirements for this position include:


*PASSION for a greater India,

*PROFESSIONALISM in all activities, and

*UNWAVERING RESOLVE to lead an organization which is determined to make an impact.


The AVSAR Pilot Healthcare Rotation has begun, and the need for a qualified new Program Director is significant. Phone interviews for the Program Director position are being conducted on an ongoing basis and we encourage all interested parties to apply IMMEDIATELY.



       Send an email to stating your interest in the position.

       Submit your rsum


For all SERIOUS candidates:

       Take a thorough look at all of the links on the AVSAR homepage

       Write a summary describing your impression of the current state of the AVSAR organization

       Tell us why you want this position

       Tell us what you believe to by your strengths and weaknesses for filling this position

       Write a summary describing the possible direction in which you may consider taking the organization in over the next 1-2 years

       Tell us how long you would consider remaining with AVSAR as the Program Director

       Give us your location, your phone number, and at least 2 different dates and times when you could be reached for a phone interview (the dates should be at least 3 days after the submission of your application)

       If you do not receive a reply within 3 days, please send a follow-up email.


Please submit all correspondence to:


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