Long-term Volunteer Opportunities


Long-term refers to a time commitment ranging from five weeks to one year (or more).


Here are just a few of the MANY long-term volunteer opportunities available to you through AVSAR:


-         Apply for the position of PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF AVSAR!


-         Work with AVSAR for a few months to apply the replicable model which was created for the medical rotation program to OTHER DISCIPLINES (Education reform, political reform, judiciary reform, social reform, environmental reform, etc…) and other organizations throughout India.


-         Are you a licensed physician in India? Run a clinic for a few months.


-         Start a program aimed at educating the thousands of sweatshop employers on the benefits of providing regular healthcare check-ups (for their child laborers).


-         Volunteer to expand the AVSAR initiative to cities throughout India. You can evaluate NGOs, physicians, and health clinics that are interested in partnering with us.


-         Volunteer to help with educational reform through Pratham (learn more about Pratham at www.prathamusa.org)


-         The list goes on and on…


Everyone wants to “help” and everyone can help. But, the people who usually do help are the ones that are passionate…


passionate about helping children,

passionate about fighting disease,

passionate about promoting prosperity, 

passionate about creating opportunities,

passionate about supporting the passions of others…

passionate about something.


So if you really want to get involved, find out what your passion is first… the rest will fall into place.


Ashish Goyal, MD
Program Director, AVSAR

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