Opening for a new AVSAR Online Intern


A brief history on the organization:

AVSAR, a not-for-profit program, strives to create partnerships which utilize the worldwide resources of a "Global India" to promote positive change and reform in "Domestic India." AVSAR was started in July of 2003 by a 27-year old Indian-American physician seeking to increase the momentum of healthcare reform in the slums of Mumbai (Bombay). Clinics were reformed, a new model clinic was created to serve more than 1,500 child-laborers, and an effort to recruit 1 Non-Resident Indian (NRI) student-doctor per month transformed into a mission to bring more than 60 healthcare professionals to India by the end of 2004.

With a growing international audience, and its first group of passionate physician-volunteers and Public Health graduates already selected, AVSAR hopes to continue building upon its successes and reach its stated goal recruiting 500 volunteers on a yearly basis by July, 2008. The recruitment process is selective, but we work with organizations that inspire our volunteers. In return, our volunteers provide their time and professional skills during an experience of SERVICE in a field that THEY feel passionate about. Healthcare is just the beginning, and we will soon move into the fields of education, law, policy, fine arts, etc.




Position: AVSAR Online Intern (AOI)


Description/Responsibilities: AVSAR is seeking a motivated individual with above average computer skills to work directly with the Program Director and Assistant Program Director in all computer-based activities. This position will include (but may not be limited to) contact management, website development/maintenance, creation of Word and Excel documents (or similar programs) based on phone conversations with the Program Director, and may include responsibilities which require the AOI to communicate with the media, donors, AVSAR applicants, university clerkship coordinators, high school and college organizations, etc.


Preferred characteristics and qualifications:

       Strong communication skills



       Strong organizational and contact management skills

       Above average computer skills (or a willingness to quickly learn new computer-based skills through guidance and self-study)

       Typing speed which is greater than 35 wpm, and experienced in word processing and spreadsheet programs

       Should have, or should be willing to learn, basic skills needed for web design, digital photo editing, newsletter publishing, etc.

       Ability to work independently for 2-4 hours per day on a voluntary basis (if seeking a paid position, please note that this is a volunteer-run organization, and thus monetary compensation will be minimal)

       Candidate age: > 16 years old

       Candidate location: US or Canada preferred

       Preferred start date: Immediately

       Expected end date: For paid positions, the end date will be March, 2004


If interested, please submit your rsum or statement of interest to AVSAR (include your name, address, phone number, age, educational background, etc). Once it has been reviewed, you may be contacted for an informal phone interview. If interviewed, you may also be asked to provide 2 letters of recommendation and your most recent transcript (official or unofficial). If you would like to take the initiative to submit any such material in advance to support your rsum (or statement of interest), you are welcome, and encouraged, to do so.


Please submit all correspondence to:


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